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RTKVAC.SYS not found?


My pc got buggered up with all these updates.Did a clean re-install of windows 7 ,but have no sound,cannot download REALTEK AC97 for love nor momey,all attempts just says RTKVAC.SYS not found.
What does this mean and how do you solve.I know nothing of pc's,so if anyone can help,explain in the simplest of terms please.
Do not tell me to re-install,i only did it yesterday.None of this is my fault but MICROSOFTS.We should not have to be doing all this,updates should not mess your computer up.
Make and Model of Computer would be very helpful.
Start > Type Recovery
If applicable, click on Recovery Manager.  With this application, you can reinstall all pre-installed applications and drivers.
Click Next
Check No for Would You Like to Perform a Program Recovery
Click Next
Click Yes for Would You Like to Perform a Driver Recovery
Click Next
When the list loads, check for the application
Click Next
Click Next
Select the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
Click Next and the driver will be reinstalled
Rtkvac.sys driver .sys information
Download Realtek driver here